Malayali Aunties mallu photos pics

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Married and broadminded but unsatisfied malayali chechi’s ammayi’s thaatha’s valyamma’s college pennungal for friendship

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Malayali Aunties mallu photos pics

Malayali Aunties mallu photos pics

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kerala is a very beautiful place and Gods own country is scenic beauty is matched by the beauty of its female population namely the girls and women and housewives who are normally called aunties or ammayi or chechi .some people also prefer to call them ammachi and vallyammachi and they wear nice saree and blouse or churidars inside which they wear clothing called pavada and shaddi and bra which emphasise their bodyline structures making them a visual treat

It would be so nice to showcase and upload ,mallu aunties pictures and photos but nowadays blogger is so picky and finicky that they just blindly delete the blogs without even seeing that people really enjoy these blogs and they are popular and maybe a link or 2 here and there may not be such bad at all !!

Malayali Aunties Numbers

Malayali Aunties Numbers


but anyway these nice mallu chechis and girls are very cool and cute and sexy too if you really get liking them and so many guy want their frienfships and call and email us asking to give more mallu aunties chechis bhabhis and girls single women college girls in bangalore mallu nurses in bangalore and also gulf malayali housewives for some discreet enjoyments

well yes ofcourse everything is possible in the greater and grander scheme of things andย I wouldnt say that its not possible to have such contacts of real homely and nice family and even orthodox christian broadminded women or highly religious muslim women for secret enjoyment relationships like cheating and extra marital affairs which is very carefully and covertly maintained since the women are from aristocratic and rich and highly orthodox and educated and financially well off families in kozhikode kerala kottayam achayathis

Mallu aunties mobile

Mallu aunties mobile

so thenย the most dreadfull question pops up. yes its all ok but how ?? HOW do we get these nice gulf malayali bharyamarum vivahithayaya sthreekalum chechi ammayi thaatha valyamma for paripadi cheyyan. how get these nice women and mallu ladies and girls and wives into bed ?? how is it possible…. well lots of hard work BUT more smart work. some guys have the knack of tuning and vashigarikya for souhridham first and then for paripadi . but all men and boys cannot do that so most of them are at disadvantage…. so we have done the work for you… so if you cant do the work and are not so smart and dont hav e the knack for such things then what can you do ????

whats the point ???. well if you cannot do the work and dont have the smartneess or the knack of tackling and tuning such chechi ammayi thaatha vallyamma and ammachis then you can pay and get such contacts from contact-clubs called broadminded contact clubs or vishalamanasulla sthreekalude details in malayalam which means enthu cheyyanum vihala manusulla sthreekal undu naatil christian pennungalum muslim thaathakalum hindu ammayi vallyammarude choodu anubhavikkanulla oru rashasya avasaram !!

fill the form and submit if you need to know how to join and other doubts and such things.

see you in the inside !!! hope all mally guys and malayalees and tamil guys can also join up and enjoy the feast !

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